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Service Point Pro’s electrical business software solutions can streamline your company’s workflow to boost efficiency. It also helps you stay competitive by reducing costs and improving customer service. The call booking system allows your office to collect all the information they need before dispatching an electrician to a job. This improves first-time fix rates and increases customer satisfaction. Our customized software is designed with electricians in mind to provide a focused, high-quality solution to meet the needs of your electrician business.

Improve Communication Between the Field and the Office

Run your business from one end-to-end solution that helps you automate work order management, dispatching techs, ensure accurate estimates and invoices, speed up payment collection, and keep everyone in sync between the office and the field. Our electrician software includes all the features you need to grow your business and improve profitability.

Your electricians can access detailed schedules, forms, and work orders on their mobile app. This helps them avoid making errors on a job site and minimizes downtime while they’re completing a task. Plus, our electrician software can help you collect customer payments on the spot using electronic invoices to improve cash flow and reduce outstanding invoices.

Track and Complete Work Orders in Real Time

Service Point Pro’s electrician software solution can help you achieve your business goals with greater efficiency. By streamlining the workflow between the office and field, enabling a stronger marketing effort, and improving first-time fix rates, your electrical contracting company can thrive with our comprehensive software, with documents and formsstored in a cloud-based repository so they can be easily accessed by your team. This helps prevent lost paperwork as well as ensures everyone has access to the latest information from each appointment.

Our electrician software for mobile devices gives your field technicians real-time customer data and directions to their next job location so they can complete work orders more efficiently. They can even submit photos, videos, PDFs, and custom forms while on the job, reducing office administration for greater productivity.

Improve Customer Management and Relations

Whether your customers are calling for a service appointment or an estimate, they should get the most professional experience possible. This starts with a call booking system that automatically pulls in a customer’s name, address, and contact details as soon as it comes through, making them feel welcome from the moment they speak to your customer service representatives.

Your technicians can then use their mobile devices to track the time they spend on each job and even record the parts and services used. This information syncs to the office in real-time, improving information management and helping you maintain high customer satisfaction. It also helps your technicians upsell clients on other services without seeming pushy or unwelcome, helping increase your overall profits.

Make Billing and Invoicing Faster and Easier

For electrical businesses, invoicing can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Our electrician business solution can streamline the process and help you save money. Easily convert estimates to invoices and handle accounts receivable with our reliable invoicing software. This can help you deliver better customer service and keep track of your finances.

Our software also makes it easy for your electricians to get paid through electronic payment, avoiding the need to collect cash or checks on-site. This can also help you improve customer relationships and satisfaction. It also allows you to create custom forms that can be made for specific types of jobs, such as inspections. This can help you improve data collection and reduce the amount of time you need to spend calling customers back to get any missing information. Once the job is completed, you can automatically generate an invoice and send it to your client.

Easily Maintain and Collect Important Info

Our electrical software solution helps you easily collect information from your customers regarding the services that were provided. This information can include details about the job, who last worked on it, and its location on the property.

This information is then stored and can be accessed at any time from anywhere, giving your team the ability to keep the lines of communication open with customers. This enables you to provide excellent customer service and improve returning client rates. Having this data at your fingertips also makes it easy for you to prepare estimates and invoices quickly, as well as helps you manage your inventory and streamline your business processes.

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